At Copper Chimney, we use only the finest ingredients to prepare dishes that are nutritious, as they are delicious.

It is a wrong notion that Indian food is “hot”. All spices and herbs used, are not just for flavor and aroma, but for their digestive and nutritional values. Chillies are rich in Vitamin C, Methi (fenugreek) peps up the liver. Garlic ranks as the most potent remedies of all times. Ginger and peppercorn aid digestion. Mint is cooling, while coriander is good for the kidneys.

Our menu offers grilled Indian kebabs cooked in the traditional and healthy tandoori cooking style. Fresh and flavourful these kebabs taste great with tandoori rotis - whole-wheat Indian bread from the clay oven

Copper Chimney special, In-house Indian cottage cheese called “Paneer” is high in protein and a great substitute for meat, used in a variety of vegetarian dishes on the menu.